USGI MSS Modular Sleep System
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USGI modular sleep system MSS
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USGI MSS Modular Sleep System
Reviewed by:
Joe Ames
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Cost: $195-$399

I bought the complete system in 1998. It works great! Gore-Tex bivy bag, two zip-in/snap-in bags and a compression bag that can be mixed and matched to suit your requirements for warmth. I used mine one night winter camping on Mount Nittany in January. Although it was unseasonably warm during the day, a winter thunderstorm blew through overnight. Since I didn't bring a tent, only a tarp for a lean-to, I thought I would be cold, wet and miserable by morning, with the wind pushing the ice-cold rain nearly horizontal into my face. Nope. I just nuggled up into my bag, pulled the large hood over my head, and let my GI ground mat and Gore-Tex bivy do the rest. If not for the groaning of the roots of the huge oak tree underneath me, I would never had know it was raining!


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